London birdwatching hotspots – London Wetland Center

I know that it probably doesn’t make any sense to visit London and expect to enjoy nature. Some people might want to combine the urban life of London with some relaxing nature walks and yes, you’ve read that right, birdwatching.

Birdwatching in London – is that possible

Yes it is. If you go visit Barnes area in the southeast corner of London you should come across the London Wetland Center. It is a wetland reserve that spans about 40 hectares of land.

KWANSOON / Pixabay

Wetland Center was first opened in the year 2000 and has been expanded on several occasions since then. Number of bird species found there is quite extensive. There are several species of swans, kites, kingfishers, sandpipers and more. Overall people have spotted over 200 bird species in the London Wetland Center.

Visiting there you can enjoy a seemingly intact nature and enjoy birdwatching, maybe even discover new bird species there. Best part of the Center is that it is very close to the London city center. A short card ride is all it takes to visit it from pretty much anywhere in London. There is no need for long travel. You get to enjoy the advantages of the city of London, while at the same time experience some of the local flora and fauna. Stay tuned for future South London travel tips and have a great day.