Kew Gardens – must see London sights

Pretty much everyone in London will probably recommend you to visit Kew Gardens. They are located in the London south-west, Richmond upon Thames to be more precise. We recently talked about London Wetland Center, a perfect place for birdwatching in London. Kew Gardens are botanical gardens, with around 30.000 species of plants.

Kew Gardens – must see places to visit in London

Kew Gardens are one of the most well known tourist locations in London, so you can’t really not cover them on a travel blog like this. Gardens were originally founded back in 1759 and the span around 300 acres.

jill111 / Pixabay

Around 30.000 species of plants can be found there, alongside a library of 750.000 book volumes on plants. Throughout the park there are dozens of glasshouses, plant houses, ornamental buildings and even a palace. Over 1 million people visit the gardens each year. Paths are well kept, with lots of greenery. Most of the glasshouses are heated to keep them from freezing over the winter.

Sheer volume of visitors to the Kew Gardens tells you that it is a seriously good destination. There are a total of 750 employed there whose job is to make your visit to the gardens as best as possible. Make sure to add Kew Gardens to your itinerary when visiting London. They are a must see location.