Hello everyone and welcome to Aragon House. We are a small travel agency based in South London, Fulham to be more precise. My name is Alvin Evans and I’ve founded Aragon House together with my mates Ed O’Leary and Charlie Mack. The three of us are a couple of guys who grew up together, traveled the world and have now decided to settle down with our families in Fulham, where it all started. Aragon House we started as a small side project, something to get us up in the morning, but it has since then slowly been growing into a genuine business. We are now on the verge of expanding our services into the real world (renting offices) where we plan on offering travel advice, booking services, setting up cooperation with local tourist board and help guests visiting South London find all the best places to visit on their trip. What made us popular are drones, without doubt. We’re using camera drones to capture awesome moments our customers have at their travel destinations.

First of all let’s deal with this notion that there is nothing interesting in South London for people to see. I mean one of the first articles that pops up after typing in “South London” into Google is “31 Reasons To Avoid South London”. This is very disheartening to read because there is a lot of interesting history, sights, landmarks, good food, even better beer and a very active night life all over South London.

Interesting things to see and do in South London – starter guide

Not everyone has the same interests when visiting a new country or a city. Younger people might not be that crazy about visiting historical landmarks. That’s just how things are. Retirees aren’t exactly looking for the latest disco clubs to dance until sunrise. Parents traveling with kids are their own niche. People are going to be delighted to know that there are many interesting places to visit in South London, for kids, teenagers, the young and old alike.

Kids Activities Gallery

Starting with the little ones, there’s the Brockwell Park Miniature Railway which can be found over in Dulwich Road, Battersea Park Children’s Zoo is located in the Wandsworth borough. For the lovers of the aquatic animals, there’s the Sea Life London Aquarium located in Lambeth and let’s not forget about the Oasis Go Kart tracks which are also located in Lambeth. My friends and me still like to go there with our kids for a couple of laps now and then. Next to the Oasis Go Kart you can find a shop called Daves Electric Wheels. It’s a shop dedicated to renting things like bikes, electronic scooters, hoverboards, electronic skateboards and segways. To make the walks more interesting for the children.

While we’re on the subject of electric gizmos. There is a service in Lewisham borough that my mate Charlie found. I say service, it’s more like another shop that lets people rent quadcopters, or roof inspection drones as they are more famously known. These are high quality FPV drones with cameras attached to them that record the entire flight. At the end, when you return the drone, you get the recording to take it home with you. Kids can fly the drone and record interesting things from the air. Laws are a bit strict when it comes to flying these things here in the UK, so renting drones makes perfect sense. Plus these are a bit more expensive, higher quality drones, that are probably out of reach for most people. Video recording are quite exquisite.

Fun sights of South London

Older kids can be a bit more difficult to pick activities for. You could take them to KidZania, which can actually be found in several locations throughout London. KidZania is a whole city dedicated to kids. Think of it like a shopping mall for kids. It’s actually suitable for kids of all ages.

A sure win for everyone when visiting London, not just teenagers, would be to book a city cruise. I’m talking one of the double decker bus drives that can be seen in the movies. It’s a great way how to get to know the city. While we’re on the subject of drives, it’s worth mentioning that London, both north and south parts of it can also be viewed from the river Thames. This is possible by booking the Thames RIB Experience river cruise.

Pexels / Pixabay

Now we’ve come to the fun stuff, at least for the adults. If there’s one thing that London is known for it’s for its pub scene. We’ll start off with a pub where me and my mates spent out youth basically, Aragon House. As you can see, it’s the pub from which we got the idea for our travel agency name. It is also the name for this website, duh. Beer selection is extensive, and most of it is good beer. Next to beer, there is also a large selection of wines from around the world. Let’s not forget home-cooked meals to top it off.

Picking out additional pubs isn’t easy. The three that we’ve decided to go with are Canton Arms, The Jerusalem Tavern and The Hereford Arms. All three of them are offering a large selection of delicious meals and drinks. They come highly recommended by people from all over London.

tpsdave / Pixabay

Senior citizens that are interested in historical sights and landmark will love it in South London. There’s no shortage of places that lovers of history can visit in South London.

Perhaps the most interesting lesser known place to start your visit to the London south is the Rivoli Ballroom. It is one of the oldest ballrooms in England that has been preserved in it entirety and looks absolutely gorgeous. Various events are organized there, like concerts, so if aforementioned disco dancing isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to look up Rivoli instead.

Historical landmarks are plentiful, as it is the case with whole of London. We recommend that you look up the Kensington Palace, Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park and of course let us not forget about the state rooms, which are available to the public, in the Buckingham Palace. Although we’re now moving away from the south.

There are many other places that are worth checking out when visiting South London. We don’t want to overwhelm you by bombarding you with everything that we have up our sleeves. Some of the more popular places we haven’t even mentioned. They will be featured on our blog in the near future, don’t worry.

What kind of services is your agency offering

Well you’ve got the taste of what we’re about in the preceding paragraphs. Our agency unfortunately doesn’t have a fixed location as we are still trying to find an office that’s cheap and accessible. For now we’re just going to be focusing on this website, and share with the world our travel tips and tricks that way.

Once that Aragon House is located in an office somewhere, we’re going to offer our visitors the ability to schedule city cruises, book restaurants, museum trips, give tours of South London landmarks, and in general give out advice on what are some of the more interesting places to visit when visiting London. Basically it’s going to be the same thing that we’re doing on this website, only in real life.

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With time our goal is to expand our services to cover locations all over the UK and even overseas. It will take a lot of effort to build up a base of clients, but we’re confident that the quality of our service will get us there in no-time.

In the meantime we suggest that you come and visit our website for new posts about South London locations with great beer, wine, food, parks for walks, fun activities for children, museums, social events and must see sights of London, the greatest city in the world, 🙂 .

Best way to make sure that new posts here on Aragon House are not missed is to subscribe to our RSS feed. Links for activating the subscription can be found in the sidebar on the left. I’m talking it over with my partners Charlie and Ed about setting up a small giveaway for new subscribers. I’m thinking something like a dinner or a lunch in one of the South London restaurants of your choosing. Make sure that you’re subscribed so that you don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

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We hope that if you are planning on visiting London and you’re not sure what to visit, where to start that you shoot us up an email using the “Contact” page here on Aragon House. Regardless if you’re traveling solo, as a couple, maybe newlyweds or senior citizens, there are activities aimed at everyone.

London is a great city, has a lot to offer, but at same time it’s also very big, and it’s easy to get lost in it. If you decide not to use us as your guide, for some reason, try to get in touch with one of the other travel agencies in the area. Whatever you decide, we hope that you have a pleasant stay and that you manage to get your fill of London properly. Cheers.