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Aragon House Aragon House


Aragon House attained its name, as it was once the site of dower house belonging to Queen Katherine of Aragon, the Spanish princess who married Henry VIII in 1509. The marriage was to re-cement the alliance with Spain after Henry's brother and Katherine's first husband, Arthur died.

Among State Papers dating back to the 16th Century, is preserved a letter dated 28th October 1506 from King Henry VII to Katherine, his daughter in law. “The house at Fulham”, he informed her, had been kept for the ambassadors of the king of the castle but is to be given to her in a bid to improve her failing health.

King Henry VII was intent Katherine's health would improve if her relationship with his son was bettered. Henry VIII blamed Katherine for not providing him with an heir to the throne and later had their marriage annulled in 1532. Katherine died four years later supposedly of a broken heart.

In later years, the site of Aragon House became known as Richardson's Villa, the villa residence of Samuel Richardson, the novelist who wrote the epistolary novel Pamela in 1740 and the masterpiece Clarissa between 1747 and 48.


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